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Long Island & New York City Kitchen Remodeling

Turtle Contracting remodels kitchens in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island and the New York City boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Kitchen remodeling was not always one of our specialties. Back in the beginning, we would only build a kitchen as part of a larger construction project. For instance, when a homeowner wanted a second-story addition, perhaps a Mother/Daughter, they would want the kitchen remodeled along with bathrooms, bedrooms and more. As the years went on, kitchens became one of the greatest assets in a home. Kitchens have always been a meeting place, but now they are a focal point, an entertainment area and very personal. With fancy appliances, new cabinet designs, custom backsplashes and, of course, granite or stone countertops, the kitchen is a showplace.

Charlie's Remodeled KitchenOur clients put a great deal of thought, time and treasure into their kitchen remodeling projects. It is no wonder that they regularly invite their friends in to admire their genius. Many of those friends have become our friends and clients. We primarily work on recommendations and referrals. People started calling us to remodel their kitchen having seen our attention to detail. At the insistence of our clients, we started accepting kitchen-remodeling-only contracts in addition to the usual extensions and whole-house remodels.

It was a natural fit for me. Kitchen remodeling includes all of the components that I love: precision work, fine trim, customizing, helping clients to design, including custom built-ins. It gives me great pleasure to see a finished project. Much time is spent in the remodeled kitchen by any given family, and to have been a part of the project from design to completion is quite rewarding.

Natalie's Remodeled KitchenLike doing a bathroom remodel, we start with complete removal of existing area. We upgrade all plumbing and electric. We address flooring, replacement windows and doors. When it comes to the actual layout, our designer, Victor, comes in and does the final plan. I have worked with Victor for over twenty years and have used the same cabinet company and supplier for the same period. More often than not the cabinets are installed by myself and a co-worker. There is just something about the fine work that I prefer to do in-house.

Lou Remodeling Charlie's KitchenMost all of the trades we use in kitchen remodeling have been with us for years and, as I mentioned, some for in excess of twenty plus years. At times changes have to be made and it is always a great task to find the right replacement. But more often than not, in the end it is a great addition to the staff. Our outsourced trades know one another too. They are always happy to see one another in the field. Never is a task met with, "It's the other guy's problem." I am blessed with a team that works together, and who are always willing to help each other.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel in Long Island or New York City, please give Turtle Contracting the pleasure of introducing you to our happy clients. They love to show off their new living space and brag about their contractor. We will help you plan and design the kitchen and we will faithfully execute the plan, conscious of the schedule and your budget.

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