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Turtle Contracting builds dormer additions in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island and the New York City boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. What is a Dormer? Dormers are additions that extend from the roof, increase the amount of headroom in the room, allow for more usable space and can increase light through the installation of windows. They are often referred to as second story additions. Dormers are frequently a part of a loft conversion.

Second Story Addition in Port Jefferson StationDormer design and construction has evolved with homeowner preferences and local building codes. Classically, in the Long Island area, the existing roof ridge line stayed the same. Then came raised ridge double dormers, cantilevered dormers and more. Today, a home improvement project like that often requires a new floor system, new walls, new roof, etc. A whole different project for any Long Island based Contractor. Once upon a time, they literally "raised" the roof. That was before my time and I have been around, let's just say, a while! I think the last time a roof was raised was the year of the flood. Quite frankly, if you ask around, no one even knows what year that was. But I digress; I still hear the occasional, "Don’t you just raise the roof?"

Dormers are my roots in construction and contracting. My first construction job after high school was for "Val-U-Dormer." Thank you, Larry Christie. Boy, we sure worked hard. Once you take that roof off in the morning, you had to have a new one in place before you went home. Helped keep me in shape for years. I would be remiss not to mention David Stevely, a true mentor for me in the field. To this day I still quote David. He taught me technique and good business principles. Much of what I do today is a result of things he demonstrated. The first ten years of my career were spent as a subcontractor specializing in dormers. I would frame dormer after dormer for many contractors. I built a strong reputation as an outstanding dormer subcontractor. I estimate that I have personally built hundreds of dormers. I can not go into a neighborhood in Long Island without seeing some past work.

Sandy's Second Story AdditionSo yes, we do dormers, double dormers, raised ridge doubles, second story additions and, of course, "SHELLS." After all, We Know Shells. It is ironic that our name and slogan are synonymous with shells (for the out-of-state and city folk, shells are exteriors only, no interior finishing), as it actually has been years since we did a shell. We have evolved, like how we moved from doing kitchens and baths only within the confines of a larger remodeling project, until they became stand-alone contracts, central to what we do as a company. Now when we build a dormer, it is most often a part of a complete renovation.

Having mentioned that I worked for many, many contractors as a subcontractor makes we wish to point out a few things. For one, I learned a great deal about how to treat customers, how to build and how to run a reputable business. I did not learn only from the good ones. To this day I remember things some contractors did that baffled me. Things I thought should not be done that way or people treated that way. I learned from real life examples. From the good, I learned what to do. From the bad, what not to do.

Call Turtle Contracting. We will build a dormer for you or construct that second story addition. Custom built-ins are always an option. We are licensed and insured home improvement contractors serving Long Island and New York City.
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