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Many people that I know started thinking about remodeling their home even before the deed was recorded. The plan grows, shrinks and changes as personal needs dictate. Some people never start the project. Since you are reading this, my guess is that you are not one of those. You have decided to remodel your home (perhaps just a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel) and you are taking the next step: Finding a compatible partner.

Custom Home Remodeling - Long Island & New York CityThe general contractor you hire to remodel your home must be more than capable, he must be compatible with you. Your general contractor will be your partner from planning and design, through construction and up to the open house party you will want to throw to show off your new and improved home. You may have started the contractor selection process by talking to other homeowners who have actually survived the home remodeling process. If so, I know you have heard some scary stories. Time spent listening to the experiences of others will make you much more aware of the reality of remodeling.

Most home remodeling problems can be avoided by selecting the right home improvement contractor. Virtually all of Turtle Contracting's clients were referred to us by their family, friends (or friends of friends) or coworkers. If there is a better way of finding the right match for your unique situation, we do not know what it is. If you want to hear more about us, how well we treat our clients and about the quality of our work, we will be happy to put you in touch with some of our friends (they all started out as clients, but friendships develop from good partnerships).

Home Remodeling Interior DetailEven with the most careful planning and attention to detail, there will be unexpected surprises in a home remodeling project. Turtle Contracting's decades of experience is used to reduce them to a bare minimum. One of the scary stories we often hear is about up-charges and expensive change orders that should have been foreseen. While this is the big reason that we are not the contractor with the lowest initial estimate, we know that you will agree with us: we do not like those kinds of surprises. Because we are partners, there will not be any secrets. We owe our clients the benefit of all of our expertise.

Still, prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes when we tear out a wall, for instance, there is something different than we had thought. We will advise you to have some contingency plans, some extra money in the budget and some extra time. If all goes smoothly, you will have more fun with the interior decorating.

We might take a shortcut while driving to your home, but not once we get there. Our proven approach is to do each and every step the right way, the first time. We insist on a careful, complete job and your complete satisfaction.

Before selecting Turtle Contracting as the general contractorto remodel your home, you will have checked our credentials. We do that and more when we select the professional tradesmen we work with. They are experts. Nevertheless, we retain responsibility and inspect what we expect. You are the final judge, but we are the quality assurance department.

Home remodeling can be messy, dusty and noisy work. We know that it is difficult to live in a home that is undergoing a major remodeling project. Turtle Contracting understands that the remodeling is not your only priority. We will be mindful of that and do all we can to minimize the inconvenience.

We will negotiate a written contract. This will ensure that everyone is clear on what is to be done, how much it will cost and what the schedule is. Our two-way communication will not stop there. We will maintain a dialog with you so that you know what is happening and when, and that we know what you want. We are very good listeners.

We will finish the job. Yes, that is why you put us under contract, but to us, the job is not finished until the client (usually a friend by this point) is satisfied. We make it a point to stay in touch after the home remodeling is complete just in case there are any minor touch-ups needed. What happens then? Our friends tell us that the open house party is when they start referring us to their other friends and neighbors.

Please call Turtle Contracting so that we can help you get the home improvement ball rolling. We love to listen to ideas and share some of our own. Estimates are free. We all have busy schedules, so the sooner we start talking, the sooner you can start planning the party.

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