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Long Island & New York City Custom Designs

Here at Turtle Contracting we spend quite a bit of time designing and building specialty items. This can range from custom cabinets or a custom closet, right on down to a tissue box. Sometimes a homeowner just can not find what they are looking for. That is where we come in.

Custom Built-Ins by Turtle ContractingI love how there are some "Custom Closet" companies out there that do anything but custom work. They simply use stock, off-the-shelf items to fill a space. À la carte, if you will. Turtle Contracting, on the other hand, truly customizes your closets. We even take your height into consideration when planning. We can build unique spaces for anything and we have!

  • Wallet
  • Cell Phone
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Security Safe
  • Hats

You name it, we have built it. "Built-in" that is.

We mentioned shoes. Quite a few shoe closets have been constructed by Turtle. Some with lights or mirrored backs...or both. We design the closet to fit your shoes. Not some generic shelf set-up that wastes more space than it saves. For the ladies, flats take up way less space than high heels. High heels themselves come in a few different sizes. We pay attention to what you need.

Custom Tissue HolderSmall storage containers. Custom pantries. Stock pantries are another great waste of space. We can design a pantry to utilize every inch of available space. Laundry rooms and areas are made functional by design. Elaborate broom closets. Specific arrangements for vacuums.

Under the sink, over the sink, next to the sink. In the kitchen or in the bathroom. Pretty much anything you can think of, we can build.

Custom Speaker StandMounting your computer monitor to the wall over a desk. Flat screen monitors are funny to me. They are flat to be sure, but the stand takes up the same footprint as the old technology. We will mount your monitor right over your desk, at your eye-level. Freeing the space that would have had the stand to keep the keyboard nice and neat. We can design and build a shelf for the computer itself, the router/modem and all of the accessories. Again, you name it, we can make it. If you even think it, just the outline of an idea, and we can probably figure it out.

So whatever you are thinking, imagining or dreaming about, let us know and we will build it for you. Custom work. Made to order.

Call Turtle Contracting. We will design and build all of the items for your home improvement or as part of a complete remodeling project. We are licensed and insured general contractors serving Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City.

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